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At the Founders' Assembly in October 1999, to the Association accessed 32 members with about 3.000 employees and first President was Mr. Vlado Raguž. Today the Association has 78 members with over 8.000 employees from all ten cantons in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which have their representatives in the Management and Supervisory Board elected by the Assembly of the Association. 

In the profession the Association has personnel with long experience, who can give their contribution to proposing of solutions for numerous problems in utility enterprises. We want to help in education of our members by organizing of expert seminars and thematic sessions, and in making of documents and proposal of the solutions in the field of legal regulations and general acts harmonized with the regulations of European Union. 

In thirteen years of work of the Association were held 120 sessions with almost 900 items of the agenda, 13 Assemblies, 13 Round Tables, Counseling in the sector of water supply, presentation of Projects of public utility companies/enterprises (our members) at the International fair EKOBIS.

According to the contract with the World Bank from 2008, the Association has realized the Project IBNET MREŽA (NETWORK) – data collecting on the conditions of utility companies/enterprises in the field of water supply and water disposal in the area of Federation of BH and the Republika Srpska.

IN order to improve the conditions in public utility enterprises were held several meetings with representatives of the legislative and executive authorities of BH, FBH, cantons and municipalities. 

We have achieved the cooperation with similar associations from abroad, CISPEL from Italy and CITADINA from Romania, and recently with associations form the region. We have achieved contacts and cooperation with associations from Croatia, Slovenia and Association of Water Works from the Republika Srpska. 

We are collective member of UP FBH, and from 2010, we participate in the work of Economic-Social Council of FBH, where the Association is represented by Mr. Selim Babić. 

According to the Working Program of UPKP FBH and Management Board, session are held once-a-month, (more often if necessary) and always in other Canton, where we always invite the representatives of authorities, e.g. the founders of public utility companies. In contacts with the founder (canton, municipality, city Council), we try to point to the importance and significance of the function performed by public utility companies, looking for the most favorable conditions and the ambiance for business. 

We have the permanent contact with Independent Union of Employees of Utility Companies of FBH, as one of the signatories of Collective Contract for Utility Companies of FBH. In some situations we act jointly towards the legislative and executive organs/bodies of Federation BH, cantons, municipality and the city. 

Above the members of Management and Supervisory Board, large contribution to the work of Association is given by Expert Teams, Working Groups and Commissions, which have as permanent activity the monitoring of legal regulations as the basis for creation of betters conditions and ambiance for business of public utility enterprises. 

All activities of the Association are given in the web-site: www.upkp.com.ba (actuality and press).



Udruženje / Udruga poslodavaca komunalne privrede u Federaciji BiH 

Jadranska bb/2, 71000 Sarajevo, upkp@bih.net.ba, www.upkp.com.ba

tel/fax: ++387 33 21 74 19


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